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The Confidence to Change.
The Clarity to take the Next Step.
The Conviction to See It Through.

“The Soulful Woman never again asks how someone died. She says instead, tell me how they lived.” Tammy Holland, the Soulful Woman’s Guide

How will you live your life?

The Soulful Woman’s Guide to a Kick-Ass Life!

Many days it is impossible to believe that life can be anything but an endless stream of chaos. Our schedules are timed down to the 15-minute interval, with no time to take care of ourselves. We rarely make it on the list and are in a constant state of “doing.”

“The Soulful Woman knows everyone wants a piece of her; her spouse, partner, kids, parents, work, community and it feels like a lot of the time, she has nothing left to give. She knows that it is precisely at this moment she has to push past her belief system, which says it is selfish to do something nourishing for her, and do just that.”
Tammy Holland, the Soulful Woman’s Guide

We women wear this lifestyle like a badge of honour. We take pride listing off all the places we need to be; the different directions we have to go; the things we need to get done and how many things we anticipate will go wrong along the way. We say yes to others and give endlessly when our bodies and minds are screaming “no!” We have very little left to give. What I’ve learned we are really doing is staying so busy so that we don’t have to face the things we don’t want to think about: our failing marriage; being in a job instead of passionate about a career; no real intimacy in our lives; fear of failure; feelings of unworthiness and feeling like we are not enough. We spend all this time racing to maintain our illusion of control. It is just too terrifying to stop and think.

I know first hand. I’m guilty. I was one of these women.

“The Soulful Woman knows the greatest gift she can give her children, and all the children of the world, is to show them what it looks like when she respects herself and lives her truth.” Tammy Holland, the Soulful Woman’s Guide

There is a better way – the Soulful Woman’s Guide to a Kick-Ass Life!

We have proverbial closets full of emotions and experiences we haven’t made time to deal with. We stuff these emotions and experiences deep into our bodies and lug them around like a thousand pound weight. We carry an unbearable amount of guilt for not living up to the mythical goddess of perfection. Everything from being too busy to prepare a home cooked meal; not being able to keep up with the demands of the household while holding down a fulltime job or running our business; no time left to invest in a relationship after all the goings on of the day are said and done; caring for aging parents; single parenthood; divorce; lack of a sex drive; no time to exercise; no time to date; time away from the family if we want to pursue a career, just to name a few.

We find it incredibly hard to say no to others and be okay with the discomfort that we might disappoint. Putting our own care on the top of the list screams so loudly against what we believe to be true: self-care = selfishness and good girls aren’t selfish. How can we dare think of changing?

“The Soulful Woman knows how she treats herself teaches other people how to treat her in return.” Tammy Holland, the Soulful Woman’s Guide

We drive ourselves to unbelievable levels of exhaustion trying to live up to this mythical creature, the perfect wife, entrepreneur, mother, daughter, partner and hostess. And for most women, the only time we stop the madness is when our body puts the brakes on and lays us out flat on our backs, forcing us to stop. Even then, most of us drag our weakened bodies around while we try to keep up with the calendar of our life.

We are challenged to “lean in” to our careers and our businesses, to “have it all,” but the cost of how we are going about this is too high. We are paying with our lives.

Is the time right for you to take the next step in your life?

One of the most courageous and loving things you can do for yourself is to take a risk and decide to change your life, especially when many of the people around you are standing still. Congratulations for taking the first step towards the life you’ve been dreaming about living!

When you stop and take time to look closely at how you’re living your life, there’s a good chance you’ll be overwhelmed, even become paralyzed when you think about how to start making changes. It is difficult for you to imagine that there are good things waiting for you on the other side these changes. I promise you there are. Working together, we can help you find the confidence to make the changes, the clarity to take the next step and the conviction you need to see the changes through to the finish.

Using all my personal experience, corporate leadership experience, and my time as an entrepreneur, I’ll expertly and compassionately guide and support you to make the changes you need to have the life and business of your dreams. As a wife and mother of two young men, I know firsthand what it’s like to have the stress of a demanding career, manage unexpected changes, have quality time with the family and make time to take care of myself. For nearly two decades, I’ve invested time and money to learn how to tap into my body’s own ability to heal itself, clear my mind and make lasting changes that have transformed the way I live my life.

Lean on my experience to save yourself time, pain, and not waste another day living someone else’s vision for your life.

“The Soulful Woman is done living someone else’s vision for her life. She confidently steps into her power – the truth of who she is and is willing to share the wisdom from her journey with an open heart, compassion and vulnerability, exposing her deepest fears to help others feel safe and thrive.” Tammy Holland, the Soulful Woman’s Guide

The Confidence to change. The Clarity to take the next step. The Conviction to see it through.

As a Coach and Change Expert, I believe when people are confident in who they are and what they bring to the world, amazing results happen. With expertise and compassion, I will help you navigate the terrain of change, coaching you to “Bring Your Best to the World” in a way that helps you achieve your business and personal goals.

As your Coach and Guide, I’ll take (guide) you through a personalized program to Discover Your Unique Life’s Vision, help you create the plan to Bring Your Vision to Life, and Coach you through the Breakthrough Transformations you will need to make to have that life.

To arrange a Complimentary Discovery Session with Tammy to explore if you’re ready to take the next step and if she is the right person to support your personal journey, Call 289-795-3735 or click the button below to arrange your session: